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And that’s why I still have a big amp

I probably could have done with taking my larger amp set up yesterday to the outdoors jazz gig but it was a real boon today down at the Cowley Road Carnival. It isn’t huge as bass amplification goes (a ‘mere’ 250 Watts) nor particularly new (perhaps about 15 years old) but does the job nicely. It meant I could just trundle on stage with the trolley I had the cabinet and head set up on, plug in and be ready to play.

The big amp doesn’t get an outing very often these days but it is the kind of thing definitely worth keeping on hand to facilitate my music making.


  1. Did you di out to the PA or was sound purely from the amp?
    Embrace your inner geek and shout out what it is and what speakers you use
    4×10 or 1x 15 or does only your roadie know this ala the edge

    • The cab was an Ashdown 1×15 unit and the head was an Ashdown 250W model, although I was only using the power amp section (pre-amp Zoom pedal into the FX return). There was a mic positioned in front of the cab but I don’t know if any of that went through the house speakers – they didn’t have bass bins and, from where I stood, I didn’t hear any difference before and after the mic was put in place. Is that enough geek-detail for you?

      • The Zoom pedal enables you to channel your inner starchild and make your funk a Pfunk?

        • I was entirely subtle, in the main. Bass boost, compression and SWR amp model for most of the set. Just the one song where I swapped to SWR model, distortion, octaver and flanger… Most of the time, the Zoom simply works to (a) help me keep in tune and (b) turn the amp I’m using into what I might want to use on a larger budget and tune it to the room.