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Colour Palette

This is the set of colour swatches I wrote about yesterday – my set of Royal & Langnickel ‘Artist’ watercolours. I’ve done two swatches of white – the first was slightly tainted by some black but the brush was clean for the second one – honest! It is certainly a different white to the paper. It is a reasonable set of hues and the paints can produce some quite brilliant colours; all of these are relative dilute, particularly the burnt sienna and burnt umber.

I converted the colours into a colour wheel:

Colour wheel from my palette

Colour Wheel

As you can see, on my analysis, I’ve got a few colours that don’t quite fit and a couple of gaps (and I seem to have missed cerulean blue off). Still, enough to be working with for now and I’ll try to make some strategic choices to gradually develop my available palette.