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Looking Down on the Garden – November 2018


Looking Down on the Back Garden - November 2018
Looking Down on the Back Garden – November 2018

The garden is now almost completely into its winter clothes. The majority of the deciduous leaves have fallen and most of the summer flowers have finished. That said, there are a few holding on and winter bloomers, like hellebores, are getting ready to burst out.

I’ve also made a shift in how I organise this set of photos on my Flickr account. Previously I’ve put them all in a single album called Looking Down on the Garden. However, now that has over 200 photos, it is getting more time-consuming to group them together by view (because I still want to also sort by date). I won’t add any more to that group but all of the photos – and the most recent additions – are now in three new albums for the back garden, front garden and herb hexagon. You can also view all those albums in a combined collection.