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  • Karolyn

    I see that you have a 50mm Series E lens. Is this Series E very good with DSLR’s?
    I have a Nikon 28 and 100 mm Series E lens.
    I think I am going to get a Nikon D5000 kit
    soon. Do you think they would work with that camera?
    I see your post on Digital Photography School.

    • Anonymous

      I think the E series lens I have is brilliant – one of my favourites. However, on my D40 I can only only use it in manual mode. That isn’t a problem for me but I know some people prefer their DSLR to be a bit more automatic. I don’t know how it would work with a D5000 – best ask that on DPS.

  • Splodgeink

    Hi Wulf, stumbled upon your blog whilst googling myrtle berries! Anyway, as a result of reading you blog, Hubby now on Church Bass Player facebook, and I was wondering whether a Deep to Deep event was running this year? Blessings, Splodgeink

    • Anonymous

      No definite plans yet on the Deep to Deep front. If someone can volunteer a church we can use for the day, I’ll definitely be on it; otherwise, possibly I’ll get one sorted out round here (Oxford) later in the year.

      Hope you got some useful information about myrtle berries. Have you got a myrtle or are you just considering it?

  • David Gyertson

    I remember chatting to you many years ago at one of the London Webteam meets. Am organising an event that some of the group might be interested in, so feel free to share… 

    • basswulf

      Looks interesting although I won’t be able to make this one. Is there a feed for information about future events?