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Thursday 14 August 2014
by Wulf
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Digital Spelunking

In the UK we know it by the more utilitarian name of caving but, while I’d much rather fill my life with colour than color, spelunking is a word I’d be glad for the mother tongue to appropriate. I thought … Continue reading

Thursday 30 January 2014
by Wulf
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A Svbtle Approach

So, I’m ticking along nicely with WordPress. After several years I have got to the point where I have fairly good systems in place to make operations run smoothly. For example, because my live installs are now covered by Git, … Continue reading

Sunday 17 November 2013
by Wulf
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Moving In

I have decided to move in properly to my new webden home. Hopefully you will have found me from the old web-den, which is now themed in a dull grey with links from every post to the new site. If … Continue reading

Friday 25 October 2013
by Wulf
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Moving Home

Not literally! However, I am exploring making a virtual move from my longstanding web-den.org.uk domain to the ever so slightly shorter webden.org.uk. When I originally sought a personal domain name, I had already established my Webden identity but webden.org.uk was … Continue reading

Thursday 22 December 2011
by Wulf
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Winter Break

I think I might have a few days break from blogging. With Christmas imminent, there is going to be plenty of eating, drinking, wrapping and unwrapping of presents to keep me occupied. I’ve got a few other little chores I … Continue reading

Thursday 11 February 2010
by Wulf
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Everything You Need to Know About Comments

Just a short hat tip to Adam today, who has discovered that those sagacious Muppets can teach us everything we need to know about comments in the context of social media. Technorati Tags: social media muppets comments

Wednesday 3 February 2010
by Wulf
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Applying Margins

It was a long time ago that I last redesigned my website. I think at that point, 800×600 was still a fairly common screen resolution and I had also been experimenting with accessing my site on my Palm Pilot. I … Continue reading