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Friday 19 May 2017
by Wulf

What a Difference a Year Makes!

Here is my back garden as it looked this morning:

View of the garden from an upstairs window

Looking Down on the Back Garden – May 2017

While getting the image ready to post here, I glanced back at the same image from last – coincidently also taken on 19 May:

View of the garden from an upstairs window

Looking Down on the Back Garden – May 2016

What a difference! The season looks so much more advanced this year, with the blossom past and┬áhardly any bare ground visible. In honour of that photographically-derived observation, I’m going to count this year’s photo towards my 52photos project.

Thursday 18 May 2017
by Wulf

No Books!

After posting a picture of a library with no books yesterday, something very unusual occurred. I visited a library and came out with no books!

I hadn’t planned to go the library but, having cycled out to pick up some sheet music at lunchtime, Bury Knowle Park was a good place to stop to eat, particularly the benches just outside the library. However, a combination of having several books on the go (and that music to work on) and also not a huge amount of time before I had to be back for a run of afternoon meetings meant that, after a quick check to make sure there wasn’t anything unmissable (such as A Game of Ghosts, the recent addition to John Connolly’s Charlie Parker series) I decided to walk out empty handed.

For me, that’s unusual enough to comment on.

Wednesday 17 May 2017
by Wulf

Not ideal for a library trip…


Wooden library building

Pinkerton Library

Today is wet. Very wet. I think the weather is catching up on all the rain we haven’t ┬áhad in the last couple of weeks. Therefore, it isn’t a great day for taking a trip to the local library, even though it has a few more books than the one shown above (another picture for my 52photos project, taken on my recent trip to Canada). Nothing due back yet, in any case – I’m very glad of online library systems that let me keep on top of my loans easily.

Good for the garden though!

Tuesday 16 May 2017
by Wulf

Not So Simple

I’m bassing for another jam session at the Red Lion on Sunday (Brightwell-cum-Sotwell, 7pm – 9pm) and one of the new tracks on the list is Danish Drive by Ed Thigpen:

On my first listen, I’d assumed it was a straightforward groove track – one bass riff for me to learn, played in two different octaves at various points in the song and with a bit of freedom as long as the pulse is maintained. What I hadn’t spotted though, until I sat down with a bass in hand and tried to play along, was that the groove is in 7/8 rather than 4/4.

That doesn’t make it harder to play but because I (and probably most of the other musicians at the jam) are much more used to 4/4, if we fall off the train it is going to be harder to get back on. I’ll be spending a little more prep time on this one than I’d first envisaged – but I’m looking forward to playing it at the jam.

Sunday 14 May 2017
by Wulf

Wheat Lightning

I didn’t get round to setting my Wheat Lightning brew off yesterday but it is now underway. Target gravity was 1.049 and I hit 1.050 – not bad, considering my measuring mistake. It is now in the fermenter and I’m looking forward to seeing how it turns out. The wort is pretty tasty as it is so I’m hopeful of a decent result.

Saturday 13 May 2017
by Wulf

Fenced In

Jane and I enjoyed a walk along the Thames at Dorchester this morning. The weather was overcast and cool, with a few spots of rain on the way down, but stayed dry.

It was a pleasurable stroll but we did note that, since we last went down there a year or two back, a lot more fences have gone up. Given the relatively high volume of people strolling in the area and evidence that not all dog owners are very good at clearing up after their pets, I can understand why the landowner might have chosen to do that but it does detract a little from the previous charm of the area. The walking is the same but it feels less open.

I didn’t take my camera (still got a large backlog of photos) but that meant I could carry my spotting scope, which gave me a close-up view of a young siskin, which I think I would pick as my highlight of the day.