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Thursday 3 January 2013
by Wulf
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Rye Loaves

Further to my previous post on experiments with dough enhancer, I have done another round with rye flour. Each of these loaves has 50g strong white bread flour, 350g rye flour, 8g yeast, 8g salt and 280g liquid. The one … Continue reading

Sunday 4 November 2012
by Wulf
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Plastic Cake

The traybake I made on Friday came out with lovely taste and texture but it was sadly slightly marred by one ingredient not in Mary Berry’s recipe. Somehow I didn’t notice that I put the food processor blade in with … Continue reading

Tuesday 16 October 2012
by Wulf
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Like Doughnuts

I have managed to do a batch of baking before heading off to work this morning: potato scones. These combine flour, butter, baking powder, sugar and milk with mashed potato. It is the first time I have made them and … Continue reading