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Friday 12 August 2016
by Wulf
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Mellow Yellow

We finally got round to another stage of our decorating project today, applying a first coat of coloured paint. The colour is a Dulux Light and Space called Lemon Spirit. It took a fair while to apply but it looks … Continue reading

Monday 8 August 2016
by Wulf
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Covering an Area

Tonight’s task has been a trip back to using elementary maths. We’re almost ready to put paint on our decorating project (hallway and landing) and so I was measuring up and estimating the area to cover. With a box-shaped room … Continue reading

Friday 17 July 2015
by Wulf
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I need some S hooks. Today I got round to an outstanding DIY task and combined a couple of wooden racks that I rescued from a skip into a single rack to hang on the wall in the utility area … Continue reading

Sunday 28 September 2014
by Wulf
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Another Day, Another Woodstore

We’ve built another woodstore this weekend and have a further one part way through completion. Of course, it is still warm so we’re a little way off finding out whether we’ve got enough stores to keep us going all winter … Continue reading

Thursday 24 July 2014
by Wulf
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The Last One

Why is it that the last screw never goes cleanly into the wall (or, more accurately, that the drill waits until the last one to hit an obstacle it can’t clear)? We put the second curtain pole up in our … Continue reading