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Thursday 16 June 2016
by Wulf
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Energetic Mongrels

Quote of the day with some bearing on the looming EU referendum, from Herbert Fisher’s A History of Europe (1934): “Purity of race does not exist. Europe is a continent of energetic mongrels.” I heard that quoted by Jack Dee … Continue reading

Saturday 9 April 2016
by Wulf
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What On Earth?

Today was spent mainly in Oxford, exploring with some visitors. We delved into the Natural History and Pitt Rivers museums, both always full of fascinating things and ate lunch outside with the very English accompaniment of a spatter of rain. … Continue reading

Sunday 24 January 2016
by Wulf
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The Longbow Puzzle

I don’t think I’ve spent too many sleepless nights worrying about why many medieval nations stuck with using crossbows when England switched to the superior longbow. In fact, as much as I’d thought about it at all, I’d assumed that … Continue reading

Tuesday 18 August 2015
by Wulf
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100 Years of Men’s Fashion

I found this video fascinating: That said, I’m not quite sure where I fit in the timestream? Living my own alternative history, I guess!