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Monday 18 February 2019
by Wulf
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In the Light

This afternoon was the first day of the year that I’ve been able to cycle home in the light. It helped that it wasn’t overcast and, by the time I got home, it was getting to the point when I … Continue reading

Monday 4 February 2019
by Wulf
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Snow More

Friday morning’s snow is, I’m glad to say, pretty much gone. All that remains are a few patches where the snow was piled up, such as on either side of my drive (I cleared the drive but needed to put … Continue reading

Wednesday 31 October 2018
by Wulf
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Morning Light, Evening Dark

I mentioned lighter mornings earlier this week but I’ve definitely been noticing the darker evenings too. It looks like it is going to be lights on for the journey home for the next few months. Is it too early to … Continue reading

Sunday 20 October 2013
by Wulf
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There is Sunshine After Rain

Dating myself a little, I can remember when the Dire Straits album Brothers in Arms came out. I remember it often got played on the tape machine in the car and the lyrics became deeply embedded in my mind, including … Continue reading