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Monday 24 April 2017
by Wulf
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The Line of Death

The Line of Death is a web design term, which refers to the areas of your browser which can be controlled by the owner of the server. Bits of the browser belong to your computer, like the buttons to close … Continue reading

Wednesday 12 October 2016
by Wulf
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Dean Town

On the basis of this funky little video, Vulfpeck is a band I ought to listen to some more. I also observe that, in an age where most band websites conspire to consume your bandwidth and drive your processor into … Continue reading

Friday 15 April 2016
by Wulf
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I’m running this blog on WordPress¬† and have just upgraded to the new version, 4.5, named ‘Coleman’ after jazz musician Coleman Hawkins. It is good that the system is kept up to date to ensure security although I’m sure there … Continue reading

Wednesday 10 September 2014
by Wulf
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Pressing the Button

Today I was delighted to finally be able to press the button to release the new version of the website for my department. NDORMS is a research department within the Medical Sciences Division of the University of Oxford and, while … Continue reading