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Friday 14 August 2020
by Wulf


The new house means that I’m using a different wardrobe and I’m having to work out a new system of what goes where. A particular challenge is t-shirts, of which I seem to have rather a lot. I used to have a large drawer, where I kept them neatly folded and rotated through my collection (probably extending their longevity); now I’ve ended up with a basket, which hasn’t got much more than a quarter of the storage volume.

Yesterday, I had two brainwaves which seem to have got the situation under control. Firstly, I remembered seeing storage guru Marie Kondo folding t-shirts to a smaller size than my previous technique achieved:

Folding a t-shirt

That made a big difference but I still couldn’t fit them all in. However, later in the day, the grey cells started fizzing again and I realised that I was wasting a lot of headroom in the basket – so much so that I’d fitted the remaining t-shirts on top, folded in my old, flatter pattern.

I’ve now gone back and stood all the t-shirts on end and the basket seems optimally full. I will have to redo a few of the wider ones at some point, which are touching the base of the basket above, but, if this new system works well for rotating through the collection, I think I’ve solved the storage problem.

Thursday 13 August 2020
by Wulf


My word of the day is eisegesis – new to me although I am very familiar with its opposite, exegesis.

Both refer to ways of handling the Bible although they could be taken to other texts as well. Exegesis is the process of drawing out the meaning of a passage by examining what it says and applying understanding what implications it is likely to have had in its original context.

Eisegesis means reading your own values and expectations into a passage. In the context of biblical studies, it means treating the Bible as a puppet – its face but, in truth, your words. When I heard it, at first I assumed the term was just a preacher’s pun: ‘I-segesis’ or making the Bible support what ‘I’ want to say.

I love having another technical term in my vocabulary but it will also be useful. When I am digging into the Bible, perhaps preparing to teach others, I can ask myself if I am looking around for ammunition (eisegesis) to defend an opinion or approaching it in order to learn and be changed (exegesis).

Wednesday 12 August 2020
by Wulf

Lettuce do some planting

Getting on for a couple of months ago, we sowed some lettuce seeds in pots and they’ve now reached a decent size so I went out in the garden this morning to plant them up after gradually acclimatising them over the past couple of weeks.

I ran out of space to get them all in but it gives a few spares in case we have losses. I spotted a slug heading towards them even before I’d finished the planting so there might be casualties. Tomorrow morning, I’ll go and assess the damage.

Tuesday 11 August 2020
by Wulf

Fire in the Hole

Newman Panther
Newman Panther Woodstove

The new wood stove was fitted this morning, which turned out to be a quick and easy job. Yes, it has been one of the hottest days of the year but we needed to do a small first firing in order to burn off the factory smell.

I’m looking forward to autumn chill by which point, hopefully, we will have our log storage in order to provide fuel for the fire.

Sunday 9 August 2020
by Wulf

The Green Matters

It turns out the green you use for ‘greenscreening’ matters. Certainly with Zoom, the old bedsheet I tried (a pleasant but slightly dull green) failed entirely, masking out as much of me as of the background. Much more success was had with an old throw that was a more vivid shade, despite having more texture. That’s the one I’ll have a go at fixing up so I can drop it down when I want to do green screen work in future.

Saturday 8 August 2020
by Wulf

Instruments Out

Today’s unpacking milestone has been to get to the point where I’ve been able to get my instruments out of their cases and onto stands in what is going to be my music room. There’s more to be done, including putting some instruments up on the walls, but it feels like a worthwhile step forward and I’m relishing being able to pluck up a guitar, bass or something else and spend some time playing it.

Friday 7 August 2020
by Wulf

Behind the Mask

Technically, I’ve got until tomorrow before I have to mask up when I attended a live church service as a congregant (there is a dispensation exempting leaders in those settings, as long as they can maintain good distancing). However, I decided to mask up for this evening’s ‘parish prayer’ service at Thorpe Acre to see what it felt like.

Physically, it wasn’t a problem even on this, the hottest day of the year so far. For most people, without skin or breathing issues, it shouldn’t be a problem. I did find it made me feel more distanced from what was going on. Among the small number of people there tonight, it was easy enough to shrug that off and participate despite being masked and at a distance but I think this is something we will need to work with when we have larger events and everybody can’t be clearly heard from behind their mask.

A worthwhile experiment though, to spend some time behind the mask and make myself better prepared when I stand in the position of a service leader.