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Friday 29 April 2005
by Wulf
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Andrew Marvell, in his poem To His Coy Mistress, wrote these enduring lines: But at my back I always hearTime’s winged chariot hurrying near; I think it’s a well written poem. As I recall, it was one of the first … Continue reading

Tuesday 26 April 2005
by Wulf
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Oil Be Dammed

Okay, not exactly dammed, but certainly running out and increasingly unable to keep up with demand. There’s a great article on the peak oil problem (most of the worlds oil fields have now passed their peak output and are already … Continue reading

Saturday 23 April 2005
by Wulf
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Left Behind?

I’ve recently read a few of the books in the Left Behind series. These are speculative fiction, set in the present day and based on a premise that theologians would describe as pre-millennial, pre-tribulation eschatology. What a mouthful! In essence, … Continue reading

Wednesday 20 April 2005
by Wulf
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Fifth Column Church

I’ve read quite a few postings in the blogosphere reflecting on the death of Pope John Paul II and the election, yesterday, of Benedict XVI. Lots of wise and insightful words but the one that has most caught my imagination … Continue reading

Sunday 17 April 2005
by Wulf
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Asylum Thinking

As I made my routine scan through my Bloglines blogroll this afternoon, Deep Calls to Deep (a name I’m immediately connected with because of the events I run under the same name for Christian bassists) turned up an interesting link. … Continue reading

Friday 15 April 2005
by Wulf
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I’m Yellow!

Steve Lawson’s blog sent me across to look at WhoShouldYouVoteFor.com. Turns out I’m yellow! Actually, that’s what I’d expected but it was interesting to put my preferences in next to policy statements and see it confirmed. Mind you, Steve also … Continue reading

Thursday 14 April 2005
by Wulf
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Get In or Get Out!

Church Marketing Sucks had an interesting link today; a church that has “purge Sundays”. CanadianChristians.com has written about The Meeting House, which offers regular challenges to their congregation to either get fully involved or to move to a different church … Continue reading