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I’ve read quite a few postings in the blogosphere reflecting on the death of Pope John Paul II and the election, yesterday, of Benedict XVI. Lots of wise and insightful words but the one that has most caught my imagination is Richard Sudworth’s Rottweilers and the Church (I suppose that’s what you’d hope for from a blog called imagine!).

He notes that some people seem to be expressing a hope for a return to a “Christian Europe”, a revival of Christendom. Having studied history myself, I join him in wondering whether this is really the need of the hour. I’m not sure that it will really help people to meet Jesus if the church sits at the tables of the rich and influential and has enough power to force us to pay lip service. Far more exciting is the idea of a church gleefully turns the world on it’s head, rejoicing in being a powerless minority through whom the strength of God is demonstrated.

Anyway, I’ll certainly join Richard in praying that Benedict XVI doesn’t impress us by worldly power and influence but by reflecting Jesus, the leader who set new standards in going the extra mile in service.

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