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Wednesday 25 May 2005
by Wulf
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Permeable Walls

It’s been a few days since I last blogged and I wouldn’t want you to think I’d given up, so here’s an article from my Bloglines clippings folder: Permeable Walls. It’s asking whether churches should be so rigid about their … Continue reading

Friday 20 May 2005
by Wulf
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WWJB: What Would Jesus Blog?

I loved today’s speculation from the tall, skinny Kiwi about how various biblical characters would have approched modern communications technology. I always did have a penchant for Paul’s writings!

Wednesday 18 May 2005
by Wulf
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Hole in the Bucket

http://www.makepovertyhistory.org Every so often at work, I’ll take a few minutes break from turning letters and numbers into singing, dancing, information-rich websites and catch up with world news, read a blog or two or participate in an online forum. It’s … Continue reading

Sunday 15 May 2005
by Wulf
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Pentecost Grid Blog

Today is Pentecost Sunday and, across the globe, Christians will be reflecting on a radical transformation that took place in the early church not long after Jesus had ascended into heaven, following his post resurrection ministry. The skinny on that … Continue reading

Friday 13 May 2005
by Wulf
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Friday 13th

First of all, welcome to all the triskaidekaphobics who are reading this tomorrow. After all, you’re surely not going to doing anything as risky as surfing the Internet on today of all days, are you? Black cats crossing your path … Continue reading

Monday 9 May 2005
by Wulf
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A Tranquil and Quiet Life

The dust is settling from the UK General Election and Labour is gearing up to lead our nation for another term. Personally, I’d have loved to see the Liberal Democrats having a shot at government, and perhaps that will happen … Continue reading

Thursday 5 May 2005
by Wulf
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In the UK, today is the day for one significant act above all others – vote. After months of speculation and a month of hard campaigning, today’s the day when you can finally pick up the pencil and mark an … Continue reading