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Reflections On My Pilgrimage – Sunday 3 July

Crawling out of the tent we were greeted with a majestic view of the surrounding mountains, rising above the clouds in the valleys. Here we were, fresh and clear-headed, looking forward to the start of our walk.

After breakfast, striking camp and loading the support van, we were ready to head out. Rather than walking en masse, we set off in small groups, and merged in with the trickling river of fellow pilgrims. It was a gentle start along good paths through a pine forest and our enthusiasm was still fresh as we stopped for a group photo next to the pilgrim statue at Alto de San Roque about 4km down the road.

Of course, as the morning drew on and the sun beat down on us, some of the glamour started to wear off. As we climbed the steep hill to the heights of Alto do Poio, we were already becoming a different set of people; by no means exhausted but certainly beginning the transformation into seasoned peregrinos (pilgrims). It was with a certain sense of relief that we descended into the cloud-mist round about Fonfr

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