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Forthcoming Gigs

I’ve got another gig tonight with The Elusive Teeth, doing a slot at the Folkmob event at the Tudor Barn in Eltham, South-East London. It’s just over a year since my association with the ‘Teeth first introduced me to the experience of open mic nights and I’m still loving it! You get a relaxed atmosphere, a wide range of music (admittedly not all of it is brilliant but there are some gems) and an appreciative audience (including a lot of musicians and their friends, who understand that performing can be quite nerve-wracking and are therefore empathetic and supportive).

If you’re around South-East London, why not come down and check it out. Of course, if you have the misfortune to be stuck at the other end of the country, you’ll just have to console yourself and hang on for my friend, Steve Lawson’s, gigs at the Edinburgh Festival Fringe. So, with those and countless other live music events going on, wherever you live in this sceptred isle you should be able to play your part in keeping the tunes flowing!

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