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100 Minutes

The recently released 100-Minute Bible (this is just a BBC report – does anyone have the official website?) has caused a few ripples among some of the blogs I regularly read. On the one hand, there are positive reflections on how it makes an overview of the Christian scriptures more accessible; on the other, there are those who decry the dumbing down of our faith.

I haven’t seen it yet, so I’m not in a position to pass any expert comments. However, I think I’m predisposed to be favourable to it, as long as it encourages people to pursue the text further rather than pretending that 100 minutes is enough to to it justice. After all, a porch can lead into a mansion or, shifting from metaphor to experience, a well-written review can stimulate curiosity into investigating its subject.

I think it also raises the interesting question of what would I include if I had to summarise the key passages of the Bible in under two hours? What would you put in or leave out?

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