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Following Steve Lawson’s recommendation a few days ago, I’ve finally got round to checking out LastFM radio.

I suspect I’m going to like this. It provides free Internet-based radio, customised to your listening tastes. Furthermore, it also grabs all sorts of statistics about what you’ve been listening to and makes suggestions based on what other people with similar tastes have been spinning! It could well live up to their tag line of “Join the social music revolution”.

Anyway, I’ve set up my account and I’ll see how it goes over the next few days. Two big hurdles are whether I can get the Amarok media player I’ve installed for it’s ‘scrobbler integration to play CDs (I’m using Ubuntu Linux, which is Gnome-based… a bit more forum reading will probably turn up an answer) and whether it operates through the firewall at work (I do most of my music listening at work so it’s not going to get used much if it doesn’t).

If all goes to plan though, it could be that my existing list of what I’ve been listening to gets retired in favour of automagically generated charts and another tool for using the Internet to creatively interact with other people.

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