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Leave Her Alone?

Last week one of the big stories was how Kate Moss succumbed to the lure of cocaine, a move that has cost her several massive modelling contracts. The story is still rumbling on and I noticed that a comment on it had made it’s way to one of the blogs I regularly follow.

Rob suggests that the companies in question are wrong to dump her; I don’t completely agree with him on that. It’s not that I don’t think she should be treated with dignity, grace and respect. Ms Moss lives a life far removed from mine and I’m in no position to cast personal judgements on her. However, as far as I can work out she “earns” her exorbitant salary by representing the companies she works for so, if she does that in a way that displeases them, then why shouldn’t they act?

Of course, there are plenty of judgements that we do need to take. Do we really need to spend lots of money on scented water and expensive clothes just because they put a pretty face on the adverts? Maybe if we weren’t such suckers for the products the companies would have money to waste on creating such super-stars in the first place? Perhaps a little self-control starting at our end could go a lot further than gloating over another distant icon that’s been found to be nothing more than painted clay?

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