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Tuesday 28 February 2006
by Wulf
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Positive Investment

Steve posted an interesting thought on Fair Trade and the concept of positive investment earlier this week. It boils down to this: count each penny you spend as an investment. It’s only a drop in the ocean but you choose … Continue reading

Monday 27 February 2006
by Wulf
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The Mutable Web

About three weeks ago, I published about the Open Clipart Library. Don’t bother following that link though as it seems to have disappeared. That’s “link rot” for you, one of the downsides of the mutable, dynamic, ever-changing web. I’ll have … Continue reading

Friday 24 February 2006
by Wulf
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Social Bookmarking

I’ve recently been exploring the concept of “social bookmarking”. I have been using the del.icio.us service and I was posting about that a few days ago. I’ve now got over 170 items marked for future reference anywhere I can log … Continue reading

Wednesday 22 February 2006
by Wulf
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Jane and I went to see a free film screening at Instituto Cervantes in London last night. It was a biography of Cristina Hoyos, one of the the worlds leading flamenco dancers, and was introduced by Cristina herself. I can’t … Continue reading

Tuesday 21 February 2006
by Wulf
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Making a Mark

It’s amazing what becomes “news”. A particular example has been the worldwide storm over the now infamous Danish cartoons depicting the prophet Muhammad. I’ve only seen one of them (if it offends you, don’t click the link), which looks to … Continue reading

Saturday 18 February 2006
by Wulf
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Freecycling Success

I can’t remember when I first heard of Freecycle but it was some time ago. The concept is beautifully simple – rather than throwing out what you don’t want, post it on the Internet because it may be just what … Continue reading