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Having just started getting to grips with Google Calendar, I’ve now found another contender: 30 Boxes. All I did was follow one of the Technorati links at the bottom of yesterday’s posting and pick a couple of interesting looking links to other people’s blogs about Google’s offering and related subjects.

I haven’t quite made my mind up about which one I prefer. Google has cool looking coloured boxes for each of the entries and offers a range of useful views; 30 Boxes has much more powerful options for outputting selected information (via a tagging system) and also impressed me by grabbing information about this blog and my flickr photos in a matter of seconds to build up the information in the diary.

It looks like I’ll be doing some more playing around over the next few days. Probably the biggest factor will be what other people I know look like getting into. I think 30 Boxes is probably a better overall solution but I think it requires a certain geek quotient to grasp it; Google’s offering is probably more widely accessible. However, if hardly anyone I know wants to sign up for either, then 30 Boxes comes out on top again with it’s much broader range of output feeds.

Maybe I could even wire the two together, feeding the output of one as the input of the other? It depends what information gets lost along the way but perhaps the brave new word of Web 2.0 will let me take a slice of both pies!

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