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How I Became a Pro

It was easy: all I had to do was log into my Flickr account and pay them $24.95 and (for the next year) I get “pro” written after my name. That sounds like a dodgy, “buy your diplomas here” deal but I’m pleased to say that, in reality, it’s not really shady at all.

I’ve been using Flickr for almost a year now although my interest was further stirred at the Future of Web Apps conference I attended earlier this year, which helped me see how Flickr fits into current trends in the development of the web, such as social networking and Web 2.0. It’s been a great boon and I’ve found it very useful (as you’ll have noticed from various flickr previous postings in my blog).

However, I’d been running into the limits of the free account; I used up my three “sets” a long time ago and am almost up to my 200 pictures. I think I’ve given it a pretty thorough investigation and, having freed up the $9.99 I was spending on my monthly eMusic.com account (I’ve got enough albums to keep me going for years to come), decided to invest, opening up more capacity and a range of additional features (I’m particularly interested in high resolution permanent storage – in other words, off-site archiving for my photos).

Anyway, that’s how I became a pro!

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