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I was recently given a boardgame I’d never heard of before: Carcassonne. Yesterday, Jane and I tried it out and I have to say that it’s brilliant!

The game is named after a city in southern France that had a very turbulent history in the Middle Ages. The game consists of placing randomly picked tiles to gradually build up a map of walled cities surrounded by fields, roads and a sprinkling of cloisters. As tiles are placed, players can deploy their tokens onto map features and points are scored as sections are completed (for example, a city wall being closed or a road having junctions at both ends).

Like any classic game, it is very simple to get started but offers a lot of depth. Although we’re only neophyte players, I can see that there is a careful balance between skill (where to place a particular tile, when to put a token down) and chance (the random selection of tiles). I can fully understand why it was “game of the year” in Germany in 2001.

It has been a while since I last played boardgames but this one has certainly captured my interest.

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