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Apparently there are only two more days left for pre-ordering Steve Lawson’s latest CD, Behind Every Word, and qualifying for the free CD download of volume three in his Lessons Learned… series (the reward for pre-orders over the past few albums).

I ordered my copy and was listening to the download album a lot last week (fantastic stuff: it is not a compilation of cutting floor rejects but would be perfectly acceptable as a standalone release). I think Steve will come top of the charts when my Last.FM account updates to show what I was spinning last week.

Mind you, I think he will also come top this week. The new album turned up on Saturday morning and I’ve been playing it a lot in the car since then (which doesn’t get scrobbled onto my listening record); he’s excelled himself again and I’ll be playing it a lot more over the next few days (as well as probably digging out some of the earlier material for comparison).

If you like the kind of stuff that Steve does then there is every reason to order now and get two albums worth for your money!

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