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Handy Shopper

I’ve found another useful Palm application – Handy Shopper. This is a database aimed primarily at helping manage shopping but also applicable to other ends.

I downloaded it last night, took it on our shopping expedition and came away very impressed. Last time I did my shopping list on a Palm, I used a memo pad and deleted items as we picked them up; this time, it was just a case of tapping a box to mark them as purchased, which crosses them out and drops them to the end but means they can be reactivated for next time. Add colour and pretty little icons into the mix and it is a surefire winner!

I’m looking forward to seeing how the program works in maintaining an ongoing shopping lists. The ability to mark which kind of shop an item will be found in and to categorise and group products together should prove very handy.

It is a satisfying feeling to find a piece of software that lives up to its name!

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