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Earlier this month, I posted about a new idea I had for integrating comments into my blog by taking advantage of my collection of photos on the Flickr site and the tried and tested facilities they have for receiving and monitoring comments.

This has been running smoothly but there were two areas I wasn’t happy about. Firstly, an extra picture was being loaded for every post, increasing the time it took for the page to be completed. I could have used a plain link but that didn’t look nearly so pretty! Also, there was no mechanism for seeing how many comments had been made for any given post apart from following each link.

In the intervening time, I have been researching topics like the Flickr API (which allows all sorts of information to be automatically retrieved) and going further into what can be done with Javascript on modern browsers.

The result is that the page loads quickly and then, while the visitor is reading the latest addition, sneaks off in the background and grabs the relevant thumbnail pictures and comment counts, displaying them with a little flourish. If the visitor hasn’t got Javascript (or is picking up the article via the RSS Feed) then they miss the fancy effect but can still follow the simple link to pass comment. Even if this doesn’t promote great swathes of discussion, I have learnt a lot more about Javascript using the jQuery library, which I will be posting more about over the next few days.

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