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Tuesday 31 October 2006
by Wulf
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Goodbye Simone

Yesterday, my church hosted the funeral service for Simone McCollin, a young lady who was severely disabled. It was a huge affair! Although (or, perhaps, because) she was completely dependent on others, she brought many people into contact and made … Continue reading

Monday 30 October 2006
by Wulf
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Purple Carrots

We finally got round to trying purple carrots with our dinner yesterday; Jane had found a reduced-price pack when she was shopping on Friday. As I understand it, this is an earlier variant but people preferred the orange colour and … Continue reading

Sunday 29 October 2006
by Wulf
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Granada Photos

It is a fortnight since we arrived back home from Granada and I have finally managed to finish processing and publishing my photos. Above is a panorama of the view from the Mirador de San Nicol

Saturday 28 October 2006
by Wulf
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Updates to jQuery Comments Script

I have been using my new comments concept – using some javascript to help me piggy back onto the back of my Flickr photos – for a month or so now. In most respects, I’m very happy with it but … Continue reading

Friday 27 October 2006
by Wulf
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Most of my Internet habits have changed over the last decade. I remember when WebCrawler was my primary choice of search engine (before Google was even released) and things like blogs had hardly been started and certainly not pulled together … Continue reading

Thursday 26 October 2006
by Wulf
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Gig Report

As promised, last night The Elusive Teeth returned to the Folkmob club in Eltham. In the end, we only got to play a couple of our tunes but they both sounded great. One of the pleasures of the open mic … Continue reading

Wednesday 25 October 2006
by Wulf
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The Elusive Teeth

I’ve got some gigs with The Elusive Teeth coming up soon, which are detailed on the gigs page over on the band website. The first one is tonight, over at the Folkmob club in Eltham, so I’d better go and … Continue reading