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Most of my Internet habits have changed over the last decade. I remember when WebCrawler was my primary choice of search engine (before Google was even released) and things like blogs had hardly been started and certainly not pulled together as a widespread meme.

One thing I have stuck with though is the Churchbass mailing list. Over the years I have been a frequent contributor and also regular beneficiary of the global sum of knowledge of folks who play basses in churches and opportunities to meet some of them face to face (when I visited the south-eastern United States a few years ago, a substantial part of the itinerary revolved round catching up with people I had previously only known through email).

Over the last year or so, my contributions to Churchbass have gone down a bit, not least because I’ve been trying to maintain a daily blog. Recently however, I have joined a couple of long-term members to take on looking after the list as the original owner has finally decided it is time to move on (and blessings on him for his long and faithful service). So far, so good; the volume of my postings has certainly rocketed up in the last week or so!

If you are in that peculiar subset of people who play bass in church and you haven’t heard of the Churchbass list, then I would strongly encourage you to check it out.

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