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Deadly Water?

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Last week I was away for a few days on a holiday in Granada, Spain. Overall it was a fantastic trip and I will be writing more about it (although I’m trying to finish publishing the photos first).

The fly in the ointment was the annoyance of finding that clear bottles of drinking water are still not allowed through security checks. Partly that was because I only discovered that when we were at the airport, with a 500ml bottle each for myself, Jane and her mother. I had been too cursory in my research and stopped at the headlines of Hand luggage rules to be relaxed rather than reading on through the article and I didn’t think to check the Department for Transport page on airline security.

We had to drink what we could before passing through security and then ended up buying drinks on the plane. The cost was just under two euros for a 500ml bottle of water; that could have bought 5l of water in a Spanish supermarket but it was going to be at least six hours before we would have a chance of buying liquid refreshments, which is too long to go without hydration.

I have written an email to the Department of Transport (dgsecurity@dft.gsi.gov.uk was the best address I could find) asking why the restriction on water – clear liquid in a clear bottle that I would be happy to take a gulp from to prove its safety – is still in place.

I note that the restriction is not in place travelling back from Spanish airports, which makes for a much more pleasant flying experience without being forced to make expensive and unnecessary purchases.

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