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As well as attempting to maintain daily blog posting, I also frequent a number of forums where I contribute to varying degrees. Therefore, for the next few days, I am going to work through a list of the ones I have set up as quicklink and forum on del.icio.us; the places that have become virtually local to me through my regular routine.

Forum is an obvious tag but I will explain the reason for quicklink as a handy del.icio.us tip. One of the strengths of the del.icio.us service is the ability to filter down a large list of bookmarks (I currently have over 1,000 and that is growing all the time) by the URL you use. By ending the address quicklink+forum, I can immediately focus on those forums that I use regularly.

I can then also then subscribe the RSS feed for the page (almost every page in del.icio.us provides a feed – another key feature) as a “live bookmark” in Firefox. This gives me easy access to my top forums integrated into my browser interface. It does not matter that the live bookmarks are not available when I am not online because, of course, I could not follow the addresses anyway! Sometimes I have found one or other of my live bookmarks to be inexplicably flaky for two or three days, which may be down to something in Firefox (the feed still looked okay) but, minor inconveniences aside, this use of del.icio.us has been a great boon to me.

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