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Goodbye Simone

Yesterday, my church hosted the funeral service for Simone McCollin, a young lady who was severely disabled. It was a huge affair! Although (or, perhaps, because) she was completely dependent on others, she brought many people into contact and made a difference through inspiring them to make a difference. It was sad to lose her but she is trusted into God’s care, where she will be free from her fetters before his fullness.

Also, while sometimes the work of helping run a church with a building and regular services and all the inertia and distractions that can go with that can seem like a drag, times like this allow such expressions of Christian fellowship to shine; there’s a building to shelter people, musicians and leaders on hand for the service, suitable equipment (and contacts to borrow more) and a disparate army of volunteers who are able to work well together because they know each other well from participation in the same congregation.

Such days are sad but signs of hope are all around.

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