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Blowzabella is, in folk-music terms, a big name band with a long and distinguished history. I remember going round to a friend’s house back in my school days and being impressed when he put on his dad’s latest Blowzabella CD.

Therefore, I was delighted to find that last night’s meeting of the Croydon Folk and Blues Club was not only warmly receptive to another hotspot from The Elusive Teeth but also had a surprise visit from Dave Shepherd, founding member and fiddle player of Blowzabella. He had been taking his daughter to a gig at Brixton Academy and decided to visit the club and contribute a few tunes rather than just holing up in a pub somewhere.

He treated us to a fantastic and educational set, for which the ‘Teeth gradually joined in on the final song (one way of warming up for our own set!). There were also plenty of other good performers and chances for several of the ‘Teeth to sit in on a whole range of tunes. I love the open mic scene because it is so interactive, encouraging and full of unexpected treasures.

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