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Deep to Deep – Yesterday!

Link to Deep to Deep pictures

I’m tired today after more than eight hours of driving yesterday, but it was worth it to get up to the Deep to Deep event in Birstall, West Yorkshire (and via Simon’s on the way back).

The picture shows Chris, our host, having a go on my Sei bass. He asked me how I found my way around with so many strings but didn’t sound like he was getting too lost himself. Thanks also to Liz, Dave, Kevin, James and Tim who also came along, bringing various bits of equipment to play with and a wealth of knowledge and experience to share.

As is often the case with Deep to Deep gatherings, it ran quite informally. We started with a short time of prayer, introductions and some general discussion. I had taken along three possible ideas for seminar topics (Noodle in G, Simple not Boring and Bass as a Chordal Instrument) and threw them all together in the first exercise; a simple, chordal loop on my DL-4 for people to experiment with weaving lines under and over.

From there, we moved through lots of playing, trying out each others gear and chatting, both about how we approach our bass playing and about a whole range of other topics: fellowship. All in all, worth the drive and I have now got my pictures up on Flickr.

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