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Wednesday 31 January 2007
by Wulf
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Pickled Beetroot

Time for a short break from my Social Networking series. While watching my blog statistics (via MyBlogLog, another of these social networking services I have been writing about) I have observed that I get a number of visitors from the … Continue reading

Tuesday 30 January 2007
by Wulf
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MySpace is the biggest name in the current crop of “social networking” websites, with millions of pages. As a web designer who works to balance elegance and accessibility, I struggle to understand why: the site is often unreliable, the code … Continue reading

Monday 29 January 2007
by Wulf
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Old School

After beginning my talk (see online presentation) with establishing that I was talking about people interacting via Internet technologies, I moved onto looking at some of the well-established ways of doing that. Even email is for communication between people but … Continue reading

Sunday 28 January 2007
by Wulf
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On Friday afternoon, I gave a presentation to the London NHS Webteam group, an informal gathering of NHS employees in the region who are involved with websites (ranging from communications officers who think about what they say to developers who … Continue reading

Saturday 27 January 2007
by Wulf
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Googlemail as an Archive

One of the problems I have on my computer is that I’m running low on disk space, which has been exacerbated by the increasing number of higher resolution photos I have been taking. At some point, I’ll probably get an … Continue reading

Friday 26 January 2007
by Wulf
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Bus in Motion

One of the photographic techniques that was impossible on my Fujifilm Finepix camera was adjusting the shutter speed. This could be influenced by switching to macro mode for a slightly slower speed but was otherwise automatic. On my Nikon D40, … Continue reading

Thursday 25 January 2007
by Wulf
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Snow News 2

Contrary to my initial expectations, most of yesterday morning’s snow had melted away by midday (although not before having caused significant travel disruption – I hope Jane has had an easier journey up to London City Mission today). I am … Continue reading