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My Favourite Picture – April 2006

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There is not even a hint of anything edible in today’s contribution to my favourites of 2006 series! In fact, you have already seen all the food pictures I included.

This image is a close up of a narcissus that was blooming at the Royal Horticultural Society garden at Rosemoor in Devon. As mentioned yesterday, it was a long, cold spring but this was one o the days that showed it was slowly triumphing over winter.

To take the picture, I got down low and positioned the camera even lower. Looking at the largest available version of the image, it appears I must have trimmed it to get the framing I wanted. Blue, green and yellow complement each other well and the diagonal bands of colour, overlayed by the strong form of the foreground bloom, make for a striking graphic. That bloom looks almost as if it has been superimposed on the image but I think part of that is a result of the flower acting as its own reflector and throwing further light back onto the collar of petals.

My only regret with this is that it is made up of such a relatively small number of pixels – a great shot for web use but a bit too small to print off as a poster to remind me that another spring is coming. Maybe I will get a chance to take some similar shots with my new Nikon D40 this spring and rectify that shortcoming? We shall see, but this narcissus still remains my favourite image from April 2006, despite some strong competition from other pictures I took on the same trip.

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