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My Favourite Picture – January 2006

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One of the reasons I take the time to be actively involved in sites like Flickr and, more recently, the new Digital Photography School forums, is that I find them stimulating environments for my own photographic creativity.

A question that I have seen asked in both places is what was your favourite photo of 2006. Gosh! I have a few images in mind but would struggle to pin it down to just one. I would like to be able to give a better answer than that, so am planning to spend the next few days trawling back to pick a favourite image from each month, in order to make the task of making an overall choice from the year easier.

January’s picture is my version of Jamie Oliver’s bustrengo recipe. It looks better viewed small as it is not the most perfectly in-focus picture but it certainly provided a delicious dessert (and does not face much competition from my other January images).

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