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My blog stretches back to March 2005 with an almost unbroken run of postings. That was not my first foray into blogging, as I had used the technology to put news on a couple of band websites and to track my listening habits, but it was a significant step forward to my present rank of 475,603 in the world!

Recently, two more people I know have stepped towards more regular, public blogging. John has opened up access to his everything counts blog; recently, he has been publishing a series of fascinating pictures from a woodland trip.

My brother Magnus also recently decided to have another go at regular blogging, which I posted about that a couple of weeks ago. He has now moved his M-Space blog over to a corner of my server, as I have the Blosxom blog hosting figured out and he was having trouble configuring it on his own server space.

That gives me two more blogs to follow: since there are only so many hours in the day, I am being disciplined about keeping my blogroll to only 100 feeds and have thus dropped a couple off to make space.

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