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Presentation Slide: Old-School

After beginning my talk (see online presentation) with establishing that I was talking about people interacting via Internet technologies, I moved onto looking at some of the well-established ways of doing that.

Even email is for communication between people but I was concentrating more on technologies that built communities between large groups of users and created the opportunity for interactions with people you didn’t previously know via shared online space. There are well established ways of doing that, such as newsgroups and the web forums that have often replaced them.

In researching for this section, I remembered my first experience of online community, which was a talker system I spent a little time logged into at University. A quick web search and I had the history of Cheeseplant’s House from the site of its creator.

That was a fascinating “blast from the past” and, in Internet terms, was old-school indeed (c. 1991).

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