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Wednesday 28 February 2007
by Wulf
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Freecycle Frustrations

Over the last year or so, I have posted several times about the Freecycle concept; using the Internet to tell people about junk you want to get rid of and seeing if it is of use to anybody else. Generally, … Continue reading

Tuesday 27 February 2007
by Wulf
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Lent 101

This post is adapted from what I have contributed to a discussion on the Worship Released forum this morning, where someone was asking what the season of Lent is about. Lent is the long-established Christian tradition of spending most of … Continue reading

Sunday 25 February 2007
by Wulf
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Faitrade Fortnight…

… starts tomorrow! This year’s Fairtrade Fortnight runs from 26 February – 11 March. My local Co-op is already promoting the event with special price offers on all of its Fairtrade goods so, even before the fortnight has officially begun, … Continue reading

Saturday 24 February 2007
by Wulf
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Fit Jazz

Last night’s gig with The Adrian Astor Quintet was most enjoyable. The David Lloyd club over at Raynes Park is nicely done up and a pleasant environment; I got to play most of the second set relaxing on a comfortable … Continue reading

Friday 23 February 2007
by Wulf
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Musical Weekend

I have a musical weekend to look forward – one outing tonight and then two on Sunday. This evening, I’m doing the jazz bass thing with The Adrian Astor Quintet. It is a private event for members at the David … Continue reading