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City Bonuses

Remi blogged yesterday about Phat City Bonuses. Since I want to get a good return on investment on what I write, here is the comment I posted in response:

In a recent survey, it was suggested that some of the “happiest” countries in the world are the Scandinavian ones. Their taxes are very high but most of the citizens aren’t concerned about making as much money as possible and choose instead to invest themselves in friends, family and richness of life.

I suspect that some of the British “city boys” would change their tune if they actually did a couple of weeks of hard work rather than just playing with money. As for the rest, I would be very happy if they went somewhere with “better opportunities” and left us to become more Scandinavian.

More Scandinavian? What would you expect with someone who shares a name that graced many Vikings! Send your comments over to Remi’s post and I will watch for them there.

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