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Snow and Branch

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It is now a couple of weeks since the last snowfall round here and this morning has revealed the fresh white blanket that was forecast.

I have been taking more pictures, which you can see on my Flickr account but the one posted here is from the earlier occurrence.

In anticipation of today’s weather, I finally finished working through the previous set of images. I was particularly pleased with how this one came out, contrasting detail on the branch with the soft background. There was also contrast between the relative warmth of the foreground and the cold of the background, as well as the strong appearance of the diagonal division of the frame.

However, having posted it for discussion in the Critique My Shot section of the Digital Photography School Forums, I took up one of the suggestions and did some post processing on this one (simply an overlaid, blurred copy of the same shot), which has increased the contrast and made the shot more striking still.

I do not think that any of today’s shots are so good but maybe the snow will stay around past lunchtime today and give me another chance.

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