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Michael Manring

Michael Manring is a prodigiously talented musician who has taken an innovative approach to electric bass playing. I have had the privilege of seeing him live in concert two or three times and every time has been jaw-dropping; the visual backdrop to his music is a roomful of awed bassists!

For many of his compositions he relies on the trick of retuning his basses on the fly, using various mechanical levers. It sounds like a party trick but Manring uses this flexibility to stretch the boundaries of what can be achieved with the instrument. Listening to his music the results are sometimes weird and often beautiful but they never sound like “stunt bass” for the sake of it.

To boot, he is also humble, friendly and encouraging to other musicians. The world could do with more like Michael (and I’d love to see all of them playing in a band together!). Anyway, a solid number three in my top artists is Michael Manring, bass genius.

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