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Sock Longevity

Shortly before Christmas I bought a pack of weekday socks – five pairs, each with different coloured highlights and a day of the week helpfully emblazoned round the top. What a fantastic idea! As long as you keep on top of the washing, you don’t have to give any more thought as to what pair of socks to wear on any given weekday.

I have been very diligent about sticking to the rotation and so, now they are beginning to wear out, I can confidently peg the life expectancy of relatively cheap socks at about three months. Since some are starting to go, let us call that twelve weeks or twelve wearings and washings for each sock (probably less than 10p a day)

Is that good or bad? Does it just mean I have smelly feet? I don’t know but I am definitely getting to the stage where I need to get the darning wool out or to repeat the experiment with more upmarket foot stockings!

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