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Monday 30 April 2007
by Wulf
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Wanted – Empty Plastic Bottles

The two litre bottles that fizzy drinks such as coke and lemonade are often sold in are very handy in the garden. They will work well as miniature cloches, we have plastic spikes that will turn them into slow watering … Continue reading

Sunday 29 April 2007
by Wulf
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Camera Comparison

The picture which I used to invite comments on Thursday’s posting about online anonymity was of a peach tree blossoming under a protective cover at RHS Rosemoor in Devon. It was taken last April using my point and shoot camera, … Continue reading

Saturday 28 April 2007
by Wulf
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Extended Blog-roll

I keep abreast of a large number of blogs using the free online service provided by Bloglines. For a long time I have limited myself to one hundred feeds, which are visible on my Blogroll. However, inspired by last week’s … Continue reading

Friday 27 April 2007
by Wulf
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Black Cloud

I have written a lot this week so am going to fall back on one of my recent blog gleanings today. I came across photos from an event organised by WWF in China, where they illustrated how much exhaust gas … Continue reading

Thursday 26 April 2007
by Wulf
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In comments on Tuesday’s entry, I promised a short rant on the topic of Internet anonymity. I recognise that the Internet is a relatively anonymous place for communication. Unless virtual contacts turn into face to face meetings, nobody knows who … Continue reading

Wednesday 25 April 2007
by Wulf
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Space, Man!

If you are reading this directly on my website rather than via some kind of news reader, you will notice that the letters now have greater vertical spacing and hence more room to breathe. I have read about the joys … Continue reading

Tuesday 24 April 2007
by Wulf
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The Randomness of Pictures

One of the thoughts I picked up at last week’s Lewisham Bloggers get-together was that my commenting system appears somewhat arcane to the uninitiated. Follow the invitation, click on the picture and, Shazam!, you will find yourself gazing at one … Continue reading