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With my shoulders still aching, I feel like writing about the hard work I was doing last night. My mother-in-law is having some paving laid in her garden and I went round to move it from the pallet it had been delivered on at the front into the safety of the back garden. Moving the stone was not too difficult; the challenge was deconstructing the crate it was housed in.

If I had realised the details of the case I would have brought a few tools from home to help, like our robust claw hammer for extracting the nails. As it was I had to combine spacial reasoning on how best to break it apart with some brute force, wielding a pound hammer and cold chisel.

In some ways, it was quite enjoyable. Taking things apart is much easier if you know you don’t have to reassemble them afterwards and it is certainly a change from the more cerebral challenges of my day job as a webmaster. Next time, I’m taking a claw hammer though – better tools would have made a better job of it still.

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