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Slaving Away


I was working hard last night, putting in more time on preparing for the event we are running at Hither Green Baptist Church tomorrow evening. Each of the small groups in the church is contributing something related to slavery – either celebrating the bicentennial anniversary of the abolition act, remembering modern slavery or thinking on the Christian theme of Easter and the message of Jesus buying us freedom from slavery to sin.

My team, the H(oly)Art group (which I lead), is taking the middle of those themes. I was pulling together a presentation with flags from twenty nations that are involved in people-trafficking, as exporters, importers or both. Sadly, the United Kingdom is among those – not officially, but it is still a place where, for example, slavers from Eastern Europe find a market for prostituting girls they have brought over from their homelands.

Since I had the choice of when to work, when to stop and what to do, pretending I was slaving away hardly does the words justice. However, I do hope that Thursday’s event will be some small part of the global campaign that continues to work against the injustice of slavery and that this year will see steps forward in stopping the traffik and doing away with slaving.

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