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Worship Rocks!

Last night I took a chunk of the worship team from my church down to play a concert for a youth weekend (related to e:vent) at Carrotty Wood, an outdoor activity centre near Tonbridge in Kent.

We played a set drawn from the songs we are familiar with from our regular church worship. The difference was that we normally have a congregation who are also largely familiar with the songs and, in the main, a bit older. Last night, the majority of the music was new to the majority of the people and most of them were teenagers.

Not a problem though – it meant we could crank things up a notch or two more than normal and rock! It is the first time for a long while that I have felt my vocal chords getting tired by the end of a worship set. Fortunately, they were not over strained (and I am also enjoying a deeper humming voice as a result!). Now it is time to get my gear together for the morning service and rock on the Rock once more.

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