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I recently posted a picture of a saucepan that we accidentally disfigured with boiling sugar syrup when making hot cross buns.

Having tried various methods to clean it, none of which were entirely effective (elbow grease seemed best), we eventually bought some oven cleaner. That also proved relatively useless but, since we had already returned the the pan to minor usage, we weren’t too bothered. All that needed fixing was the screw holding the handle on, which was loose after all the energetic scrubbing.

Alas, as you can see, it turns out that the plate it screwed into was rusted beyond repair so my dear old saucepan has been passed on for recycling. Would it have survived without the trauma of the sugar syrup incident? Who knows but it was probably better to find out this way than when trying to transfer some other hot, bubbling liquid from one place to another.

At least, as its final service, it gave me a subject for some more photography, experimenting with focal points and depth of field; a loss, but a utensil that was well and thoroughly used in the fifteen or so years I had it.

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