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In a Window, Darkly

Self Portrait in Window

I seem to be getting into a run of near-Biblical quotations in my post titles! (1 Corinthians 13:12, if you were wondering!).

This is my latest self-portrait, taken while up in Central London last week. I had been there for a meeting that involved, among other things, taking a couple of pictures for a website. That meant I had my camera with me, so I took advantage of that and ended up with a fair number of photos. They are published on my Flickr account, including some that have received post-processing enhancement.

The self-portrait was taken at Charing Cross station, waiting for the train to pull out. I spotted my self in the window on the other side of the carriage and, after a few attempts, managed to get the aim right to come up with this.

I might crop it down to make my image larger in the frame but I am pleased with how it looks already. The surroundings give some context to the reflection and provide contrast to the dimness of the reflection. So, that is me, seen in a window, darkly.

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